Inger’s Bio


Update: Sept 25, 2018,

Sept 5: Acceptance to PhD Conflict Studies St Paul, Ottawa. Subject water.

Sept 6: Bought a house situated in between the Piano Museum and the Old Bridge in Limoux on Rue Notre Dame de Rosaire.

Sept 7th: Fly home via Iceland, saw Eric and Anders at Elliiasdotter’s restaurant.

Sept 24th: Vertigo- why? Reading non-stop. This blog is stress buster.


2009 June: MFA Ryerson graduate of the inaugural year in Doc Media, 2009.

Water Issues: Alternate Perspectives (

Kaleidovideo with Binaural Sound. 108min, Video of Singing Bowl Tolling, 12 min.

Water Horizons books, Dual and Video-Stills panoramas

Divisions & multiples, collected and reformulating with singular elements integrating. Archiving, thematically clarifying adaptive and regenerative  kaleidoscopic effusions of multifaceted realities.

2001: OCAD Alumna Photography

1999: UofT BA Hons Specialist Fine Arts Studio

And out of sheer interest: a major in Anthropology added to the above UofT degree.



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